Understanding Form Settings in a Fortune Wheel

Understanding Form Settings in a Fortune Wheel

“Form Settings” will help you configure the form that will display on the right hand side of the Fortune Wheel on the website.

You can configure the form settings while creating a new campaign or by editing an existing campaign.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the fields that you are required to fill in order to configure the Form Settings:

a. Add Logo - It enables you to add two types of logo on the fortune wheel.
  • Big Logo will appear on the top right corner to enable you to brand the wheel campaign.

  • Small Logo will appear in the centre of the wheel.

b. Title - Write a catchy title to entice your customer to play.

c. Guiding Text - It is the text below the Title to give out further details or instructions.

d. Input Fields for Form Entry - You can configure this section as per your suitability to ask for emails, phone numbers or any other data point from the visitors.

e. Enable Terms & Policy Acknowledgment Check - You can enable this button if you want to add a required check for the visitor to acknowledge to your TnCs or Privacy Policy while submitting the data points to spin the wheel.

Note: Recommended for EU based users only. 

You can enter the Terms & Policy Acknowledgment Check Text here. In case you wish to add link then, simply select the text on which you want to add the link and click on the 'Link' below. Select the text and click on 'Italic' in case you wish to make your text italic.

Don't forget to enter the link where you want to redirect your visitor under Terms & Policy Link.

f. Submit Button Text - Configure this to change the text on the submit button.

g. Disclaimer Rules - Configure this to change the disclaimer rules.

h. No Thanks Text - Configure this to change the text you wish to display instead of No Thanks.

i. Show Cross Icon Beside the No Thanks text - You can add or remove the cross icon as per your suitability.

j. Add Conversion Element - You can add a scarcity bar or countdown timer so as to create a sense of urgency in the visitor to play the game. Learn more here.

Don’t forget to select “Next” after you have fill in all the details.

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