Analysing a Wheel Campaign

            Once your Wheel Campaign is live,  you’d obviously would want to dig deeper and analyse it. In order to analyse a Wheel Campaign, follow the steps below :

            STEP 1: In your Dashboard, go to “Campaigns”.

            STEP 2:  Click on Wheel Campaigns”.

            STEP 3: Go to any of wheel campaign, and click on “Report”.

            STEP 4:  Once you’ll click on Report, you’ll be able to see the detailed analysis of that particular wheel campaign. Below are some sections under the reports category that have been explained in details:

            a. Under “Campaigns Records”, you’ll be able to see all the leads that are captured under this particular wheel campaign.

            You can easily download them by clicking on CSV button as shown in the screenshot below.

            You can also see the prize won by the visitor and can delete the record in case you wish to, by simply clicking on 'Delete Record' under 'Action' section.

            b. Under “Hourwise Visitors”, you’ll be able see the visitor count at every hour.

            c. Under ‘Daywise Visitor’, you’ll be able to see the day wise visitor count.

            d. In the next section, similarly you’ll get further analysis of ‘Browser-wise Visitor’, ‘Device-wise Visitor’ and ‘Platform-wise Visitor’ respectively.

            e. Under ‘Country-Wise Visitors’, you’ll be able to see the the country wise visitor count on a world map.

            f. You can also locate the total number of visitors from each and every country.

            Please note that you have the option to see an Email-Wise analysis in the following manner :

            1. Hourwise Emails

            2. Daywise Emails

            3. Browser-Wise Emails

            4. Device-Wise Emails

            5. Platform-Wise Emails

            6. Country-Wise Emails

            To do so, click on “Show Email Statistics” located right next to “Your Visitor Statistics” section. Check out the screenshot below for reference.

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