Install code/pixel with Aweber

            This guide will help make your experience of capturing an embedded AWeber form on your website delightful and also set up the fortune wheel with ease.

            As it is now, will not work on “AWeber email capture pages” that are hosted on the actual AWeber platform. And, therefore to install AWeber with, the AWeber form has to be embedding onto your website. It will then be possible to place the pixel as well as the AWeber form on the landing page.

            Follow the steps below to embed AWeber form on the concerned website:

            STEP 1: In the Navigation Menu, click on the "Sign Up Forms" tab. It is right between the Subscribers and Reports tabs.

            STEP 2: Select the Sign up Form on which you wish to install the code/pixel and then click "Publish".

            STEP 3: Scroll down to the section that says "Who Will Publish This Form To Your Website" and select "I Will Install My Form".

            STEP 4: Select the Raw HTML Version and copy the code written within the box down below.

            STEP 5: Now you can Publish the Form to the website.

            STEP 6: The Raw HTML Version should be published anywhere between the <body> tags of the website.

            And you're DONE ! 

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