Install code/pixel with Google Tag Manager

            To be able to install Code/Pixel in your website with Google Tag Manager, follow the steps below :

            STEP 1: In your Google Tag Manager account, go to Workspace, and select “New Tag”.

            STEP 2: A popup with open with the New Tag configuration settings. Give “Letspinio Integration” as the Tag name and select the “Edit Icon” from the Tag Configuration section.

            STEP 3: Click on “Custom HTML” Tag in the custom section and paste the LetSpinio integration code.

            STEP 4:  Now select the “Edit Icon” under the triggering tab.

            Choose all pages from the triggering conditions.

            Click on the “Save” button.

            STEP 5: Click on the “Submit” button.

            Now, click on “Publish” to be to see all the changes on your website.

            And you're DONE ! 

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