Install code/pixel with Unbounce

            To be able to install Code/Pixel in your website with Unbounce, follow the steps below :


            STEP 1: Log into your Unbounce account and Go to the "Settings" tab.

            STEP 2: Scroll down and click on the “Script Manager” section.

            STEP 3: Add a "Custom Script" from the menu.

            STEP 4:  Name the script "" and click on "Add Script Details".

            STEP 5: Select "Head" from the Placement in Menu.

            STEP 6: Select "All" from the Included in Menu.

            STEP 7: Paste the pixel/code in the box and Click “Save Changes”.

            STEP 8: Go back to the "Pages" section and select the page on which you want to add the code/pixel.

            And you’re DONE !

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