Install with Zapier

            In order to Integrate with Zapier, follow the steps listed below-

            STEP 1: In the Zapier Section, under Others in Integration, click on “Copy API Key”.

            STEP 2:  Login to your Zapier Account and go to the following link-

            STEP 3:  Click on “Accept Invite & Build a Zap”.  

            STEP 4: Then click on “Create this Zap”.

            STEP 5:  Click on Email Submit and then click on “Save+Continue”.

            STEP 6: Click on “Connect an Account”.

            STEP 7: Paste the key that you copied from and then click on “Yes, Continue”.

            STEP 8: Choose your Account and then click on “Save+Continue”.

            STEP 9: Choose the campaign and click on “Continue”. You can select multiple campaigns by clicking on + sign.

            STEP 10: In the next step, click on “Connect and Continue”.

            STEP 11: In the next step, click on “Continue”.

            STEP 12: You have now successfully integrated with Zapier, now you choose and trigger app available on Zaper as per your choice.

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