Set up a Wheel Campaign

            In order to set up a Wheel Campaign, follow the steps listed below:

            STEP 1:  To set up a Wheel Campaign, go to Dashboard and click on “Create New” and select “Wheel Campaign”.

            STEP 2:  Fill in your “Campaign Name’
            NOTE: The campaign name is for your internal reference only. It will not reflect anywhere on your website.

            STEP 3:  Choose a “Wheel Theme” by clicking on “Choose Wheel.” You can choose a wheel theme from 3 different sections :

            a. My Wheels (that you would have had created on your own).
            b. DFY (Done For You) Wheels (that we have fully customised only for you) [Recommended].
            c. Wheel Template Club (Collection of professionally designed & top converting DFY wheel themes).

            STEP 4:   Once you have chosen a Wheel Theme, a pop-up will appear asking you to Import Pre-Filled Theme Data for that theme. Click Yes or No based on your suitability.
            NOTE: The pre-filled theme data will automatically fill in all the campaign data (probability of each wheel slice, winning wheel slice data, campaign form). You can make changes to the data anytime whenever you wish to.

            Don’t forget to click on “Next” to move forward.

            STEP 5:  Now, you need to configure the “Wheel Slice” data (In case you wish to enter your own data or modify the pre-filled theme data)
            NOTE : Configuring the Wheel Slice data will help you define everything, that you wish to offer them as a prize to your website visitors when they play the Fortune Wheel game.

            Below are the sections that you need to fill to configure the Wheel Slice data properly. Take a wheel as shown below in consideration before you fill in the details:

            1. Slice - It is the divided panels in a full fortune wheel. There are a total of 12 slices in one wheel. Each slice has a different number where slice #1 is the one on which the pointer is pointing to. The immediate next slice below that is Slice #2. You may refer to the screenshot above to know more about the default slice numbers.

            2. Type - Use the "Slice Type" column to decide the type of the prize you wish to offer to your visitors . It can be a "Free Product", a "Coupon" or "No Prize". This will not be visible to your visitors.

            3. Label - Use the "Slice Label" column to add what you want to show on the wheel slice. It can be any enticing label like: Free Ebook, 25%OFF or No Luck, etc.

            4. Value - The "Value" column will carry the coupon code in the case of "Coupon" in "Slice Type."  For any other prize, like a “Free Product” or “No Prize” you are required not to fill anything in the ‘Value’. However, we recommend you to customize the action in the case of “Free Product” by adding the product URL in the Wheel Slice Settings under the ‘Actions’ column.

            5. Probability - Use the "Slice Probability" to set the chances for any slice to come up when the visitor plays with the fortune wheel. The sum of all the probabilities need to be 100.
            NOTE : You may choose to set the slice probability as “100” in case you’d want to have that slice always show up after the visitor has spinned the wheel. Similarly, you may choose to set the slice probability as “0” in case you’d never want to show up that slice after the visitor has spinned the wheel.
            6. Action - Under the action slice there is a ‘Setting Icon’. Use the "Settings" icon to set what to show up when the corresponding slice will win. Use the "Copy" icon to copy data from one Slice to any other Slice or all other Slices.

            Quick Example : Let’s take a case where I am creating a campaign where I am willing to give away 25% OFF. Below is how my slices & other data will look like.

            • Slice Number - 1

            • Type - Coupon (As I am giving a free coupon. Similarly you can select Free Product or No Prize)

            • Label - 25% OFF (As I want my wheel slice to show 25% OFF. Similarly you can show Lead-Gen Ebook, Hard Luck)

            • Value - SALE25 (This will be the coupon code in this case. In other cases, the value depends on the Slice Type)

            • Probability - (10% (As I want the visitor should have 10% chances of winning this slice #1. Make sure that total probability of 12 slices is 100%)

            • Action - (By selecting the settings icon under Action, I can choose what to display for any corresponding slice win and can also choose from a range of actions like show a coupon & copy it, or redirect to a free prize URL, etc., based on my suitability)

            NOTE : You may want to understand more about the wheel slices here.
            STEP 6:  Fill/Modify the data for all the 12 wheel slices. Make sure the total probability is 100% and click on “Next”.

            STEP 7:  Fill in the “Form Settings”, and select “Next”.
            NOTE: It will help you configure the form that will display on the right hand side of the Fortune Wheel.

            Now, let’s have a quick look at the fields that you are required to fill under the Form settings:

            a. Add Logo - It enables you to add two types of logo on the fortune wheel.

            - Big Logo will appear on the top right corner to enable you to brand the wheel campaign.
            - Small Logo will appear in the centre of the wheel.

            b. Title - Write a catchy title to entice your customer to play.

            c. Guiding Text - It is the text below the Title to give out further details or instructions.

            d. Input Fields for Form Entry - You can configure this section as per your suitability to ask for emails,

            phone numbers or any other data point from the visitors.

            e. Enable Terms & Policy Acknowledgment Check - You can enable this button if you want to add a required check for the visitor to acknowledge to your TnCs or Privacy Policy while submitting the data points to spin the wheel.

            Note: Recommended for EU based users only. 

            You can enter the Terms & Policy Acknowledgment Check Text here. In case you wish to add link then, simply select the text on which you want to add the link and click on the 'Link' below. Select the text and click on 'Italic' in case you wish to make your text italic.

            Don't forget to enter the link where you want to redirect your visitor under Terms & Policy Link.

            f. Submit Button Text - Configure this to change the text on the submit button.

            g. Disclaimer Rules - Configure this to change the disclaimer rules.

            h. No Thanks Text - Configure this to change the text you wish to display instead of No Thanks.

            i. Show Cross Icon Beside the No Thanks text - You can add or remove the cross icon as per your suitability.

            j. Add Conversion Element - You can add a scarcity bar or countdown timer so as to create a sense of urgency in the visitor to play the game. Learn more here.

            Don’t forget to select “Next” after you have fill in all the details.

            Note: You may also want to understand further about the form setting option here.

            STEP 8:   After you click on Next, you’ll be able to see the “Preview” of your wheel campaign.

            In case you’d like to make any changes, you can go back by clicking on the respective sections (like Form, Wheel Slices) and make the necessary ones.

            Select “Next” to move to the next step.

            STEP 9:   In the “Advanced Settings”, you can configure where do you want to show up the wheel campaign and also set up the other conversion elements.

            Below are the fields that you can configure under Advanced settings:

            a. Display URL settings - This is where the wheel campaign will display. You can choose from a range of conditions for better URL targeting. (Learn More about URL Targeting)

            b. Desktop Show-up condition - You can configure how do you want to show up the wheel campaign on a desktop like exactly after the page loads or after the user have spent some time on the website. Learn more here

            c. Mobile Show-up condition - You can configure how do you want to show up the wheel campaign on a mobile like exactly after the page loads or after the user have spent some time on the website. Learn more here.

            d. Repeat Show-up condition - You can configure the time after which an end visitor will see the same wheel campaign again even when the visitor had played or closed the wheel. In session duration, you can specify the session time after which the wheel campaign will show up again when the same visitor visits the page carrying the same wheel campaign. Learn more here.

            e. Show Enticing Follow up Widget on Direct Close/No Thanks - You can choose to add or remove as per your suitability. Learn more about Follow Up Widget. Learn more here.

            f. Show Enticing Reminder Widget on Win - You can choose to add or remove as per your suitability. Learn more about Reminder Widget. Learn more here.

            g. Enable Integrations - You can choose to sync the leads from this campaign with your preferred list in your email autoresponder, your webinar tool or any of our third party integrations.
            NOTE : You may want to learn more about configuring the Advanced Settings here.
            STEP 10:  Click “Save” after you have configured all the details in the advanced settings.

            There you GO ! Your wheel campaign is ready.

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