Understanding Reminder Widget

            When a visitor has spinned the wheel but has not availed the coupon/prize. So how can we get the attention of the visitor back on that coupon/prize?

            This is possible by enabling the Reminder Widget under Advanced Settings while creating or editing the campaign.

            Please refer to the screenshot below to see how a Reminder Widget looks like.

            To configureReminder Widget” , please follow the steps below:

            STEP 1: While creating or editing a campaign,  go to the “Advanced Settings” section and slide the toggle by the name - “Show Enticing Reminder Hellobar Widget on Win” on the right hand side.

            STEP 2: Following below are certain categories that have the option to fill or modify :

            a. Text - In this category, you are required to write the text that you wish to display as a reminder for your visitors. For instance “You Coupon Will Expire in Next 30 Seconds”

            b. Timer - In this category, you are required to mention a particular amount of time left for your visitor to avail the coupon/prize.          

            c. Position - In this category, you are required to choose the position of your reminder widget. For instance, whether you want to show it on ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’ of the page.     

            d. In the section then after, you can modify the Widget Text Color, Widget Background Color, Widget Font & Widget Text Size.       

            e. CTA Text - In this category, you can write whatever you wish to display as a Call To Action’. For instance “Claim Now”.      

            f. CTA Action - In this category, you can specify what will happen when the user will click on the ‘Call To Action’ button. For instance “user will redirect” or “a pop up with coupon code will appear”.     

            g. In the section below, you have the option to modify CTA Text Color, CTA Background Color, CTA Font and CTA Size

             Once you have filled all the details, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

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