Understanding URL Targeting

            URL Targeting allows you to specify the pages on which you can run the campaign.

            In order to configure the URL Targeting for your campaigns go to “Display URL Settings” under the “Advanced Settings” category while creating or editing a campaign.

            Under the URL Targeting section there are 3 sections :

            Include - Under this section, you can ‘INCLUDE’ the URL on which you wish to run the campaign. You can further ‘ADD’ multiple ‘INCLUDE’ URL’s which have ‘OR’ condition between them - i.e. even if one condition is fulfilled, the campaign will run on that page.

            Exclude - Under this section, you can exclude any URL where you don’t want to show your campaign. In order to add any such URL, click on “Add”.

            Referrer - You can also run different campaigns based on different traffic sources. ‘Referrer’ condition enables you to run different conditions based on different sources.

            For example - If you add ‘Facebook’ under the referrer section, the campaign will be triggered only for users coming via Facebook.

            Further, ‘Include’, ‘Exclude’ and ‘Referrer’ has ‘AND’ condition between them, i.e. if you use any two of them or all of them, then all the conditions specified must be fulfilled.

            Note: Along with referrer, you have to use Include URL.
            Now under these 3 sections there are 3 options available-

            a. Exact Match- This URL match type includes query strings and fragments. The URL should be identical to the one specified. Exact match matches the URL exactly with the target URL. The Campaign will run only if the exact match of the URL gets hit. An exact match doesn’t ignore any part of the URL.

            For instance-

            If you enter https://letspin.com/ under ‘Exact Match’, then the campaign will run only and only on https://letspin.com/ and not anywhere else. No other URL, such as https://letspin.com/pricing or https://app.letspin.io/ will be a match.

            No Match- https://www.tutorial.com//pricing

            b. Contains- In order to trigger the Campaign in this case, the URL must contain what has been specified while creating the campaign.

            For instance- If you have entered ‘letspin’ in “contains” then all the URLs containing “letspin” would be a match.

            URL- https://tutorial.com/

            c. Regex- Regular expression or “Regex” is used to target multiple and complicated URLs by providing a pattern to match the URLs.

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